Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NCR Expansion

On October 28th I attended the announcement of the NCR Expansion, at the State Capital, along with Council Members Doug Sturbaum, Cyndi Plunkett, Mayor Logsdon, Senator Ronnie Chance and Representative Matt Ramsey.

This expansion adds 560 jobs to the Peachtree City NCR facility, beginning in 2009, after a $12 million investment to accommodate a Center of Excellence Customer Care Center and training facility to train about 127 employees for employment throughout the nation per month.

We warmly welcome this expansion and NCR's trust and view that we are the community which will best service their needs in these areas for North America. NCR is a long time corporate citizen who we hope will continue to see Peachtree City as more than a place to set up shop but, as well, a place to live, shop, raise families and retire when the time comes.

Success like this comes via the work of multiple layers of development authorities, from State to local levels, working together. It illustrates why Doug Sturbaum and I have made a Peachtree City development authority a priority in our agendas and why I took on the role of DAPC liaison to take that authority off the shelf and aid it in becoming a viable body to fulfill a needed role for Peachtree City.

DAPC is proving itself daily, not only in its own workings, but in working with the Fayette County Development Authority and other agencies and organizations throughout Georgia.

It also comes from taking pride in the uniqueness of Peachtree City, where the corporate world can live in a Village environment, which we see as the best of both worlds.

Peachtree City is at a nexus between the past and the future. This is a step on the road, in a vision some of us see, for the making the next 50 years as successful as the last 50 years. We will continue to pursue this vision.