Thursday, August 7, 2008

August Update for PTC

As a general overview for key issues going on in PTC government:
  • Finalizing our budget. Cuts and delays in some spending allow us to not do a millage increase for 2009 while a slight property tax valuation increase will increase taxes about 36 cents per $100,000 of home value. In example, a $250,000 home will pay 88 cents more.
  • The Publix and Steinmart shopping centers on 54 are in the process of being annexed into PTC.
  • The county property islands created by the last Wilksmoor annexation are in the process of being annexed in. This is required to bring PTC into compliance with state regulations barring such islands.
  • The Wieland request for lifting the Multi-Family Housing Moratorium on his 89 Acres in Wilksmoor for planning purposes only passed 3-2 with Sturbaum and Haddix opposing.. The reason for lifting as being needful for planning ACC is false, since they are not the same zoning and nothing ACC is being allowed on the 89 by Wieland. The reason of just being able to plan but not meaning being rezoned is one Doug Sturbaum and I do not accept. You don't plan for what you do not intend to build. Nor do you lift the Moratorium unless you intend to allow them to build.
  • ACC is moving forward. We have a good deal of confidence we will receive the college.
  • Doug Sturbaum and I continue to push for ordinance revisions to enact the PTC Comprehensive Plan as law. There have been a number of successes to date but we fully understand some major issues will have to wait until we gain at least one more vote on Council, as in removing the Special Use Permit from the Big Box ordinance that was added in 2006 to allow building Big Boxes, which PTC do not want.
  • A referendum was passed to allow Dar Thompson to pursue getting permission from the voters to build a Sports Complex, which would include two ice rinks. Council neither supports or opposes this referendum. It is an issue solely between Dar Thompson and the voters.
  • Issues of double taxation are moving more to the forefront between PTC and Fayette County. While we respect the County's right to decide it budgets it must be recognized PTC can no longer be viewed as a funding source for County wide programs.
  • Growing cooperation between the PTC Police Department and the Sheriff's Department are a real plus not only for PTC but the whole County.
  • Golf Cart Path issues are an important issue and are being addressed.
  • Drugs and crime. We want to stop these issues before they grow. It will be an ongoing effort.
  • I continue to work DAPC to seek new business to fill our vacant retail spaces and to attract educational, research and technical institutions to PTC.
There is a lot to be done. It will take time and change of will and purpose by some in government to succeed.

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